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Tips for intermediate learners

Intermediate German

Past the beginner lessons, how do you get over that hump?

Often referred to as the intermediate plateau, language learners find themselves initially making significant progress in the early days of learning a language but come to see their "progress" slowing.

It seems like they're not getting the same return on the effort they put in.

Note to self: write a post about the intermediate plateau...

However, all it takes is some adjusting and different learning styles or resources to feel progress again. And this stage ends up being the most rewarding, as you finally start to interact with the language in an authentic way..!

Quick overview

  • Podcasts
  • Grammar summaries / references
  • Native content

More detail

  • For German in particular, honing in on your der, die, das knowledge will yield dividends
    (see below)

Ways to Improve

  • Listening to podcasts
  • Referring to the declension table regularly
    (placeholder for image or link to image here)
  • Reading the rules for German noun gender (write post on this)

Noun Gender and How to Master It

Intermediate German Podcast Recommendations

  • Easy German
    A truly fantastic podcast and YouTube channel
  • Placeholder

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